Bike rentals Pont du Gard, Remoulins, Uzès...

Pont du Gard

Natu'Rando offers last generation bike rentals : 29" Scott

Electric bike

Up to 90km per trip ! Huge !.
Classic mountain bikes 29"
Those mountain bikes have been developped in the USA by the best R&D labs.
The new 29" generation offers stability and comfort.
Classic leisure bike comfort
Comfortable bike to ride on road or wide path.
Mountain Bike for kids 24"& 20"
They are the best kind of moutain bike for small bikers.
Full suspended scott 29" mountain bike
High quality bike to ride in the best conditions.
Baby bike seat up to 35kg
Electric bike
Up to 90km per trip ! Huge !.

Electric bike

Up to 90km per trip ! Huge !.